O is for on two wheels!

img143We are a family obsessed with wheels and engines! Each of Mum’s brothers had a motor bike (this was in the 1920’s – 1930’s) although she was frightened of them. My cousin Lance progressed from bicycles to motor bikes as soon as he was 16. He had a group of friends from Johnson’s Engravers in Leeds where he was an apprentice who came to Aunties each day for their lunch (which we called dinner in northern style). One day my Mum had cleaned and shredded the cabbage to help Auntie. when all the lads had been waved off – (with much revving and kick starting – poor neighbours!). We started to wash up. In the 50’s lots of places where you would share your food waste with someone who kept pigs and in turn they would give you some pork when the poor piggy was slaughtered. I went to scrape the plates into the pig bin and to my horror each guests plate had 3 or 4 large green caterpillars. Our plates were clean so we must have eaten our share. We felt queasy all afternoon and Mum was ordered to wear her glasses when preparing veggies in future.
Anyway back to motor bikes- I was banned from all pillions but did sneak a few rides when Mum and Dad were not looking! This snap was taken at Auntie and Uncles Caravan at Ulrome in 1957 I think. It was a last weekend before Lances friend Donald Campbell (not the famous one!) went off to the RAF to do his National Service.


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