R is for Remembering and Rehashing past hurts

R is for Remembering and Rehashing past hurts

This is a photograph of me and my workmates at Leeds Hospital for Women, 25 Hyde Terrace, Leeds. It was 1983 . From the left is Olga, Maggie, Brenda the bride, Carolyn, Beth and in the silver grey trouser suit is me! We had a happy, if very hot Thursday with the reception at The Griffin on Boar Lane. We had had to work in the morning and the boss Mrs H and Christine stayed to man the phones in the afternoon joining us for the reception. Brenda had chosen Thursday as we had no clinics on Thursday afternoons.
This photo has brought back a lot of happy memories and laughs but also a really bad memory that 30 years later annoys me still.
My lovely Dad had started with a slight cough in 1982 and I eventually got him to go to the walk in x ray clinic in The Calls. It showed a mass on his bronchus and the Administrator at Leeds Chest Clinic rang to tell me Dad was being sent an appointment to see a consultant. although he did not break patient confidentiality I knew it was bad news. When his appointment came through I asked to take 1/2 a days holiday to go with him. He had to go into Killingbeck for a broncospopy as a day case. John took him in the morning and we picked him up after we had finished work at teatime. It was the worst news and Dad had to go to Cookridge for radiotherapy. I again asked for 1/2 a days holiday, after that he went on his own.
One morning at work I noticed an atmosphere at work and Carolyn explained that Maggie had had a real go at the boss because she had let me use my annual leave for my Dad but she had marked Christine down as sick when she had taken time off to take her dog to the vets!
Mrs H refused to back down, though I had never been off sick and was always early in to work. I got my own back when Dad died . I knew you were entitled to 3 days compassionate leave for a parent. I took that then asked my GP for a sick note- he had no hesitation in giving me one as I had lost loads of weight was anaemic. I had a week off to sort out everything.
Mrs H retired soon after, Christine used to go and see her, I would rather have poked needles in my eyes!


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