U is for Under the Chimney

DSCF8265Leeds Fireclay Ltd.
This tall chimney was about 100 yards from my home, just across the quarry. I grew up with it was just always there watching over us.
Blue Hill Lane was an unmade up road, very steep and in winter a sea of mud. Semi-detached houses had been built there in the 1930’s but the road was not surfaced. My Auntie Floss lived in Blue Hill Crescent all through the war. Mum (who was living at the shop on her own except for Peter her dog) would run up Blue Hill Lane, across the quarry and into Auntie ‘s back garden whenever the Air Raid Warning sounded. There were public Air Raid shelters nearer, one on the Tong Road-Silver Royd Hill junction and one on the quarry itself. I remember both these as they were still there into the late 1950’s. Mum wouldn’t use these, she was very fastidious in her dress and habits. Owning the local grocers shop I think she liked to keep her distance from her customers in case they started asking for “tick”!.
Mum had had her dressmaker make her a selection of “Siren Suits” and would wear one with a turban covering her curlers.
The Brickworks as we called Leeds Fireclay has a loud hooter which sounded at intervals all through the day. We never needed a watch, when the last hooter went we knew it was teatime!
I recently went to a car boot sale here in Bridlington and bought a Leeds Fireclay Paperweight. I have it on my desk as I type this, much smaller and quieter than the chimney!


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