Y is for Yes You can win competitions!

Y is for Yes You can win competitions!

I won my first competition in 1958! It was a writing set with Basildon Bond paper and envelopes from Princess magazine.
In the 1960’s I won a Paper Dress in an Op Art Design from the (then new newspaper) The Sun.
In the 1970’s I won luggage from Impulse.
In the 1980’s a food mixer turned up (with the wrong address, luckily the delivery driver asked me if I knew where this address was and I said “it’s mine”) from Batchelors Savoury Rice.
The 1990’s saw me win a Vespa Scooter from Asda and Bertolli Pasta.
Then I moved house and got a computer and started winning seriously. Here are my ten tips on how to win competitions;
1, Join a comping site. I used to be with Loquax but in January they stopped listing the comps and now the members do it. For me it was time to move on as I like a proper site with a tracker. I use The Prizefinder. It costs nothing to join. It can be a bit spammy so read number 2!
2, Look at the site offering the prize. Is it a magazine or a well known firm? I steer clear of some sites which just offer prizes.
3,Only enter the comps you really want to win. Tickets for festivals, gigs etc. usually arrive at the last minute so you can’t usually sell them.
4, Read the small print. does that holiday include travel? Can you go on those dates? do you have to collect that meat hamper froma butchers 100 miles away?
5, Think outside the box. I won a local Valentines competition. It had to be entered by email – most romantic thing etc. I added a photograph of me and hubby to my entry. Which leads me on to number 6.
6, Enter local comps, I managed to win both the Bridlington and the Scarborough Local paper competitions last Valentines. I shall have add Driffield and Beverley next year1
7, Comps needing a skill factor always have less entries. I am not a brilliant cook, my recipes are always a big spoon of this and a dollop of that. Sometimes that is what the company is looking for and I have won with this approach.
8, Picture competitions are a favourite of mine. I won £150 of meals from Cook with an old pic of me as a child!
9, Be prepared to move with the times. I was not good with texting but then came the Magnum Competition. I had to learn and fast! I won enough to buy me and hubby new glasses though I did put on half a stone in weight.
10, Enter social Media competitions, build up a circle of like minded people and share your wins, competitions and your dry spells with them. Most of all enjoy!


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