Review of Savoury rice aka Pensioners Paella

Now you all know that I like to eat but not to cook. This is my “recipe” for Pensioners Paella.
For 2 people I take 2 packets of Tesco Everyday Value Golden Vegetable Savoury rice and tip them into my trusty old (lidded) wok. Add the water as on the pack and a good handful of mushrooms sliced or chopped. Take 2 or 3 teaspoons of curry powder,stir in and cover. While this is cooking make a salad with whatever you have available. This is baby gem lettuce, grated carrot and the dressing is 1/2 a tub of Philadelphia Light cheese with chives (found this lurking in the fridge and thought I would use it up). The second salad is baby tomatoes 1/4’rd, chopped chestnut mushrooms and diced cucumber with oregano dressing. As usual there was a dish of chopped egg!
You will notice there is no meat. Well my other half is a veggie – ( who will eat tuna – a tunatarian?) and I find cooking one meal bad enough so I eat the same as him and occasionally have a bacon sandwich or a piece of cooked chicken.
I have cooked some frozen mixed vegetables as instructed on the bag and added them to the rice. Taste it and don’t be afraid to add more flavourings until it is just right. This was delicious!


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