Thursday today – all day!


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Thursday today - all day!

Having ended my A-Z challenge I am working with the days of the week. Having googled Thursday I found the usual facts about Thor we learned at school and more. I was surprised to find that Thursday is the old Friday! Thirsty Thursday is the name for the “new ” last day of the week.
For most of my working life every office opened on a Saturday morning with a skeleton staff worked on a rota. My first job at The Trustee Savings Bank I worked every Saturday morning and had Wednesday afternoon off. This was not much good to a clothes mad girl as Wednesday was half day closing. My last job before retiring I made my own “weekends” as I worked 3 shifts on, 3 off, 2shifts on, 2 off. I really loved this as if I took 3 days leave it was almost like a week off…

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