Review of Imperial Shaggy Rug from Argos


I saw this Rug when “accidently browsing” on the Argos site it is really big 63″ x 86″ (I don’t do metric!) and I love the bright green colour. It was £159.99 but it was exactly the right size and colour so I decided to order it. I had only just paid for it when I got an email to say it had been dispatched and would be delivered the next day! Now we are a bit out of the way here and usually Argos smaller items come at about 6pm in an old white van but this cam by courier at lunch time.
Usually we have the problem of the ends curling up but this is so thick and heavy it laid flat straight away. It is gorgeously thick and has a non slip backing so doesn’t creep! The colour is as my pics – on the Argos site it was a bit darker.
Ten out of ten Argos – we all love it.

Updated on the 4th November – this is still gorgeous. No shedding and still – even with a dog- looks like new!


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