Sunday – Sabbath or Shopping?

Sunday – Sabbath or Shopping?

August 18, 2013 by sally92013

Sunday – Sabbath or Shopping?

I like the choice. I am sure anyone who grew up in the 1950′s and 60′s wouldn’t want to go back to the boredom that was a 50′s Sunday.
There was Church ,Chapel and Sunday School – it was up to me if I attended. Mum was a Spiritualist and Dad an Atheist.
Mum’s Sunday morning was sacrosanct. Tea in bed and the Archers Omnibus on the radio. Dad cooked me bacon and eggs, read the News of The World. we washed up and he cleaned the white pot sink, (now called a Butlers sink) and scrubbed the wooden draining boards. This was Dad’s contribution to housework – he did it because Mum did not clean it to his satisfaction , “no elbow grease, your Mother”.
Two Way Family Favourites and then Billy Cotton’s Bandshow. We had a tv but I don’t remember anything being on during the day.
All the shops were closed except for a few paper shops in the morning, although our local paper shop Whiteheads was closed all day. When we had our shop people were always rattling the sneck on the back door wanting something they had run out of. If she knew then Mum would reluctantly sell them it but it was always well wrapped up as the fines for Sunday Trading were strict. I remember you could sell vegetables that was allowed!
There were no car boot sales – well not many people had a car. No-one had anything to sell and Leeds Council did not allow markets except on Council owned Market Land. Even in the 1980′s – 90′s there was only the car boot at the Council owned Pontefract Lane Wholesale Market site. People from West Leeds usually went to Bradford.
There was dancing at the Mecca in the 60′s but it was real middle of the road music on a Sunday so we usually went to the cinema. In the 20′s-30′s there was no dance halls open in Leeds except in the Jewish area. Mum and Auntie used to sneak off to Roundhay Park Mansion on a Sunday to the Jewish dances.
We lived in a street with 10 houses and there were 12 children. Linda, Susan and John were not allowed out on a Sunday. Peter did whatever he wanted Stephen, Diane, Susan, Gary, Denise, Peter, Douglas and me were allowed to play quietly. No washing was ever hung out (except surprisingly at the house where the children had to stay in). No windows were washed or hedges cut.
It was like being suffocated and I love every moment of Sundays now.


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