Monday – no washday for me today

washerNo I’ve not got Mondayitis!
My washing machine has packed up. There are now 2 soaking wet heavy bath mats outside – should be dry by Christmas?
We never went for the “Monday washing, Tuesday ironing, Wednesday downstairs, Thursdays bedrooms, Friday shopping, Saturday Baking” thing. Mum just did her best when she could and I do the same.
A lot of our neighbours used the local laundry (nicknamed the bagwash). A van used to collect white bags left on each step and sling them into the back of a van. Others used the wash house at Armley Baths. Wheeling prams piled high with bedding.
Mum had a cream coloured Goblin washer. It was a sweet little thing with a hand wringer. I was allowed to put pillow cases through but nothing with buttons in case I cracked them. I found this advert online and thought it was very amusing. Mum did actually love her Goblin! She was very upset when she had to move on to a Twin Tub.
I have chosen my new washer and will sort out delivery this afternoon. I hope I fall in love with it, it would be even better if my O/H did!


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