Aston Family in New South Wales

Well back to my Family History, today I am looking for help with my Great Aunts family in Australia.

Harriet Talbot Aston emigrated with her husband Richard Aston on the Duke of Buccleugh on the 23rd September 1885. This was a steam powered ship with masts and sails. There is a wonderful picture  of the ship on flicker and I have asker for permission to copy it. It is from the glass negative and is so clear. The Aston family settled in NSW and lived at Roway, Hercules Street, Chatswood. Harriet grew up at Roway House in Oldbury, England. They had several children Amelia Lois who married Thomas S Blakemore & lived at St. Leonards Creek.  Horace Talbot Aston who died in 1917 and left a son Ronald Horace. Florence M married Henry Milberton Pacey and had daughters Brenda Y and Esma F. M. Pacey they too lived at St Leonards Creek.

I knew Grandfather had a sister, Harriet as she is mentioned in  G.G. Fathers  (he who remarried the Wicked Stepmother – see previous post!) will. I did not know anything else as my Mother was just 6 years old when her Father died. All this information I have gleaned from the internet, Birth, Death and In Memoriam Notices.

If anyone Down Under or up her has any more information please let me knowxx


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