Yoga and stretching, shopping and gardening!

I have remembered a few yoga poses. the one above (?the eagle) is one I always found easy. I have been doing it while waiting for things to cook. We live on a main road and I have had a few open mouthed stars from the top deck of passing busses!
I keep doing 50 lifts with the bean cans on my biceps when waiting for the kettle to boil – I never realised how many cuppas I drank!
We have been into town this morning – found a parking space outside Boots,,,flag waving madly! Went into M & S and bought 2 of the dine in for £10 deals and a Bridlington Free Press. I still have £5 of my M & s vouchers to spend. I am going to spend some time in the garden now. It is looking dry and Autumn like. The first rust coloured leaves have started dropping from the trees in the side garden. Such a pain to sweep them up each day.
In the library this morning I noticed a poster for a story writing competition just for East Riding Residents. I might try to have a go. I did have a few things published by D.C. Thompson in People’s Friend and I think it was called Annabel years ago. I stopped because it was very poorly paid and I had 3 proper jobs at that time!
I am now going to try my new washer – looks so complicated so wish me luck!


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