Yoga on the beach? I have the beach but not the bottle!


I am still trying to regain some of my suppleness but I am finding it hard. I always loved the dancers pose, at the moment I can only manage a very poor version. I am never going to expose my elderly stretching and posturing on the beach. We have two beautiful bays with the harbour in between. Early morning it is all dog walkers and fishermen digging for worms, not a place I could relax into the poses.
I do feel more energetic today and lighter in spirits. I have already done a load of washing and hung it out on the line to dry. Part of a dry stone wall in the back garden has collapsed overnight so I will be doing a little dry stone walling later.
We have lived here for 8 years today – it was the Friday before the Leeds Festival. It has disappeared in a flash. A few things have changed. My lovely black Honda has been crushed into smithereens at the scrapyard. Sally our gorgeous blonde Lurcher has gone to the Heavenly Home for retired Theatricals. She appeared in a film version of Wuthering Heights and was a Diva to the end. Two of my cousins have passed away. One just faded into old age and one laughed his was through the hell of terminal cancer. My o/h seems to have kissed the picture of Dorian Gray as he has no grey at all, just a little chunkier arround the middle.
This brings me back to my own middle. 8 years ago I was not just slimmer but fitter and I want a little of that back.
Aons ago I completed a course in Aromatherapy and massage. I have dug out my oils and have been doing deep tissue and lymphatic drainage massage on my middle, arms and thighs. My skin feels better with the lovely oils and the K.P. (Chicken skin) near my elbow is smoother.
Time for my morning cup of coffee now – I am not going the full detox route. Too much of a shock to my system!


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