Grandma Great, knitting, crochet and cuddles!

My grandma Barraclough
This is me age about 7 and my Paternal Grandma who was called Charlotte. At this time she would have been around 85 years old. I called her Grandma Great because all my young cousins called her that. Great at that time did not mean Brilliant! it just meant an older generation or big! My dad was her youngest son and visited her almost every day. When I went with him he would have a chat, bring up a full scuttle of coal from the cellar and then he would go down to the end of Green Lane to the Beech Pub for a pint with his cronies!
I would sit on Grandma’s knee and she would teach me to knit and crochet. She never sat down without some craftwork in her hands. She sat in the chair I am sitting in now to type this. It is a Windsor Type chair made to fit my Grandad and it just fits me now. When he was alive she sat in a bentwood rocker but as she aged she found Grandads’ high seat easier to get in and out of. She had a large brown wireless, no TV, a coal range, the fire always lit. I never saw her cook anything, she had a gas ring for the kettle. I think she had cooked so much for 9 children she just decided to stop!
I never heard my Dad say anything negative about Grandma but a relative told me a few years ago that Dad would not touch bread and jam because he had eaten such a lot as a boy. I do know that although he never cooked (except Sunday bacon and eggs)Mum saying that he could cook anything and that he had had to cook before he married if he wanted a hot meal.
I have just bought some Betty Jackson High Heeled Brogues and they just reminded me of the shoes Grandma used to wear. They say everything comes back into fashion if you wait long enough!
My waist trimming seems to be working and my bingo wings seem firmer. I had lovely toned arms when I drove an old MGB without power steering. Driving that car was much more fun than lifting my bean can weights if more expensive!


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