Update on my “Regain my Waist” challenge

Tape measure out this morning and I have lost 2 inches from my waist and 1/2 inch from my belly but nothing from my bust, hips and arms.
Thrilled about the waist but very disappointed with the arms as I have really tried to work them. I can’t do too much weight bearing on my arms as I had a torn muscle in my shoulder a couple of years ago – clearing leaves up and lifting a heavy shovel up to wheely bin!. After struggling with it for months I finally made a doctors appointment. He knew what it was and gave me a card to ring for a physio appt. After trying a few times someone eventually rang me back and said he would e mail me some exercises. I was not impressed with this! Even so I did them and 3 weeks later I had a hospital appointment with a young man named Emmanuel. He really was my Emanuel! He upped the ante, told me which ones I could do until it hurt and which not. I came home and got on with it. At the follow up I was given the all clear. I still do the exercises if I feel any stiffness in my shoulders – I will do anything to avoid going to my GP. After twenty odd years working in hospitals I keep away if at all possible! We have lived here 8 years and I have been to my doctors just twice.
I am going to try the Rosemary Conley video I bought for 10p again later. I did the quick section yesterday, I had a job keeping up and ended up falling about laughing.
The leaves are already turning brown on my trees and I have my broom and wheelbarrow ready for this Autumns clean up but today is another scorcher here, hot and sunny. Make the most of this Indian Summer!


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