Wedding Bells in 1888

Wedding Bells in 1888

This is my Maternal Grand Parents on there wedding day. Grandma Ann was 19 and Grandad William, 20. He had been “sniffing round” for years but Great Grandad did not like him and sent him packing. After Great Grandad had been killed in the Coneygree pit age 41 in 1886 he upped the ante. Great Grandma eventually gave her consent to the marriage which was stormy to say the least! Grandma’s youngest sister Lily remembered Grandma and the 3 eldest children escaping out of an upstairs window, across a wash house roof and turning up in the middle of the night at 127 Grove Lane , Smethwick. This was Annie’s Mothers shop. Grandad William moved the family around the country (perhaps to keep control ?) and eventually they settled in Leeds. 24 years and 9 children later William died age 44 of Bronchial Asthma. Annie as Grandma liked to be known was a widow with 7 living children aged 22 to 4. Annie was pregnant again but lost the baby shortly after the funeral. So after 24 years of marriage began 24 years of widowhood. Annie had several suitors over the years, for even in her 60’s she was an attractive lady. She preferred to be independent, with her own business and her own money. Annie died in her own bed, above her own shop, with her family around her in 1936 aged 68.


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