Coach Trip anyone?

Coach Trip anyone?

Living on a main road near the sea we have coaches passing all the time. from October they are trimmed up for the “Turkey and Tinsel” short breaks I am not a good traveller so I am never jealous!
In the 1950’s we often went on Heaps Day trips as they were local and we could walk home from the coach depot. We went to the races a lot! Usually York, Ripon Wetherby. We went once to Flamingo Zoo (as it was known then). When the coach drew up I was on the verge of vomiting so we went for a walk until my stomach calmed down. Eventually I began to feel better and we looked round for the entrance kiosk but we were well lost. Dad stood on tip toes to see over a hedge, got his bearings and we turned into a gate. We went in and enjoyed the afternoon. It was only when we met up with others from the coach we found out they had all paid a hefty entrance fee – we had waltzed through the staff entrance! I loved the way everyone wore their best clothes in the 1950’s. I have jeans on today but I don’t really do casual. Mind you I am glad that hats are not a must now. I do wear them in very hot sun or freezing cold but I would rather not. I also have rather a big head. I have a lovely 1940’s hat of my Mums and it sits on top of my head like a cheery on a cup cake! It should cover your head & tilt slightly over one eye.

Today is the last day of my “Regain my Waist” challenge. I am too tired after gardening this morning to do any other exercise. I think I am still the same size, no miracle inch loss!


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