M & S Portobello Mushroom & Spinach Quiche Review

I decided to unearth this Marks and Spencer Quiche (bought 3 for £6) from the freezer yesterday. It was the best flan I have had for ages, crisp pastry, tasty filling perfectly cooked. The other M & S flans I have tried were not even a quarter as nice as this one. The filling in […]

Helpmeet! Where did that come from?

When I awoke this morning a voice in head said “Helpmeet” . I seemed to remember it as something Biblical but there again it could be from a Bob Dylan song. Intrigued  I decided to enter it into the search box. I came up with the quote above from Genesis and decided to celebrate today as […]

Advent Calendars for Adults!

I have never had an Advent CalendarDuring a conversation with my other half we found out that we had never had an Advent Calendar. Are they a “new ” thing? Or an Americanism we have adopted? We never made them at school nor had we ever heard of them. Mind you we never celebrated Halloween either! […]