Summer Memories of the 1950’s

This was taken at Hunstanton in Norfolk in I think 1955 or 6. Quite a long drive from Leeds in an Austin A30 with a wife and daughter who were both travel sick! I don’t remember much about this holiday except one day we had a hail storm which left the roads flooded. The journey back we drove through Lincolnshire and took the ferry across the Humber. The ferry seemed flimsy and the water was churning and brown. Dad drove Mum and I to Ulrome (just down the road from where I live now) where we were to spend a week at Auntie Marie and Uncle Arthur’s caravan. This was what would now be termed a “girly week” with Auntie Marie, Auntie Becca and her grand daughter Glenys, Mum and me. We had a great time – the women did not drive so we went on the bus to Scarborough, Bridlington and Hornsea. We ate scratch meals, had midnight feasts, sang “On Ilkley Moor Baht at” and “Blaydon Races” as there was no tv. We did have a portable radio but the reception at the coast was always bad.
We all knew all the words to “Rock around the Clock”, Tutti Fruitti”, Why do fools fall in Love” , “You are my first Love” (this was Mum’s favourite she loved Ruby Murray”. We never gave a thought to the men back in Leeds, working and fending for themselves. Dad liked to have a bachelor week occasionally and the house was always clean and neat when we got back, just a bit unlived in. I expect I soon sorted that out!


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