Review of Tesco Finest Haddock Melting Middle Fishcakes


It is not often I buy Tesco’s Finest products but I spotted these in the chiller cabinet on offer at £2 so into the trolley they went.

I have tried the M and S Melting Middle Fishcakes and reviewed them on here so I wanted to compare them. The Tesco version has a cheesy spinach centre as you can see from the picture.

They were simple to cook and just browned slightly, there did not seem to be as much in the middle of my two (maybe I was unlucky?) but what centre there was tasted delicious.DSCF8317

It was a little bit of spot the melting middle as you can see in the photograph!

So which get my vote?

I like M & S Melting Middle Fishcakes and I like Tesco Finest Fishcakes. But which are the best?

Unlike Harry Hill I don’t want a FIGHT! and my vote goes to Tesco’s Finest. Taste wise they get ten out of ten but they need a bit more filling. I would like it to burst out when you cut them!


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