Helpmeet! Where did that come from?

HelpmeetWhen I awoke this morning a voice in head said “Helpmeet” . I seemed to remember it as something Biblical but there again it could be from a Bob Dylan song. Intrigued  I decided to enter it into the search box.

I came up with the quote above from Genesis and decided to celebrate today as a day to be thankful for having a Helpmeet. Be it  Husband, Wife, Partner, Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Cousin, Pet, Neighbour, Friend, radio, television we all need a little bit of company. So I am sending out love to all the people who have been Helpmeets throughout my life and maybe it will attract a few for the future. The following saying is just as apt for any friendship:

Helpmeet 2Sometimes we don’t know how to zip our lip!


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