Knitting Update for Autumn

Autumn is the time my needles always start clicking at double the speed of sound!

At the moment I am having to slow down as I have hurt my right hand. I was pulling out a weed when a rose thorn stuck into the back of my hand (I had just taken off my gloves!). Without thinking I pulled it out and a mini fountain of dark blood blossomed out. I had only managed to pierce a vein. Luckily I had a “proper” hanky in my pocket and the bleeding soon stopped. It has been very bruised and a bit sore.

This is the project I had just started. It is a Vintage pattern from 1943,updated in the 1980’s. I have wanted to make it for ages but it is for 4 ply so was a bit of a long haul. I decided to adapt it for double knitting – Maths was my weak subject at school but I have swatched and checked the tension and it seem fine.

This is the sweater pattern:DSCF8375

Now I just need to get those fingers working!


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