What are your simple pleasures?


If we all had ten simple pleasures and practiced them each day we would be healthier and happier. Of course we all have unhealthy pleasures too but for today let’s forget about then and concentrate on those feel good pleasures.

Here are my ten:

The sky, when life seems cloudy there is always a bright patch not too far away

Tea, strong, dark and in a bone china mug

My home – it represents hard work, security, peace and laughter

Memories, if I am down I sit quietly and let my mind drift back to some really good time

Warmth, I hate being cold and I love my boiler!

Clean laundry, I love the washing of it, the ironing, the wearing of it

Books, if I have nothing to read I will read a cereal box or the back of an aerosol

Nature, the greenness of our land, the garden birds and our flowers and trees

My laugh has been described as like a Volkswagen Beetle on a cold morning but it is my laugh and I love it

Last but not least I love to feel what my Mum used to call “all in all” . This is a feeling of being at peace with all those around you and with yourself. I think if you can find this you have the Ultimate Simple Pleasure.


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