Batley Variety Club

Last night I was trying to remember who I had seen at Batley Variety Club. This is the list I can remember;
Cliff Richard, The Drifters, The Everley Brothers, The Four Tops, Roy Orbison, Billy Fury. I think The Temptations – memory as foggy as those drives back into Leeds at two in the morning,
The best act I ever saw was Lovelace Watkins. Never heard of him? I am going to write about him in my next post.

Jerrychicken - The Diary

It was a phenomenon of the 1960’s, the “Theatre Club”, a step up from the Working Mens Clubs that the populace fraternised of a weekend, Wakefield had one, but the most famous was the Batley Variety Club.

Your average Working Mens Club of that era would attract a regular crowd from its local streets, mainly of men, in fact through the weekday nights it would be only populated by men and usually only the bar would be open – the “bar” being reserved exclusively for men whilst the “lounge” would be for those unfortunate men who had been coerced into bringing their wives out with them, and even under these circumstances it would only be a matter of a few minutes before the menfolk sneaked off out of the lounge for the comfort of the men-only bar.

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