Wuthering Heights and my Name in Lights

img118I am a Lady Lurcher dog about ten months old shivering in the council pound.  Along comes an ex Police Dog Trainer who needs dogs for a film. I manage to toss my blonde head with attitude and he chooses me. He renames all his dogs – I am now Alpha.

The training is hard work, we have to obey without question. Stay, sit, come, run an I have to find my “marks” on the ground and lie within them. The Training School is much like the pound but the other dogs are friendly and we have bark and a howl together when the days work is done. I am too blonde so he rubs a brownish dye onto my pelt.

Filming means I have to travel in a van onto freezing cold moors (rabbit chasing is forbidden). They seem to do the same thing over and over again but I think about the food he will give us back at the training school. The weeks go by and then one day the man with the camera shouts “Wrap!” I have no idea what this means but everyone seems excited and we can go back to the School.

We have a bit of a party that night, we are kept near the airport and we howl at the planes.

The next day he says I have to behave myself as someone is coming to buy one of us. They have answered an advert from The Yorkshire Evening Post.

“Dogs who have been used for filming, Lurcher and Labradors £40 each”

I do my best to shine but my elbows are rubbed bare with sleeping on concrete and I have fleas. The couple look sad and they tell the man that the Labrador they had had for 14 years has had to be put to sleep and they miss him.

“This is Alpa” he says, the woman looks at the man. He peels off some money and they take me from the pen.

It’s a long time since I lived in a house and I pee in the corner and then I chew the knobs off the pine dresser. They are cross and I start to behave.

One day when we are on the park I see a familiar face. It is Beta – the grey lurcher from the Training School.

“What are you doing now?” he growled in his Brian Blessed voice

I toss my pelt – now restored to it’s blonde glory and flea free,

“I’m resting” I shrug.

This is a true story of our lovely Alpa a Diva to the last.

“This post is an entry into the Tots100/Swell UK competition.”


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