Customer Service and Freebies – do they go together?

david-hockney-14-houses-631x473Way back in August I applied for a Credit Card which offered a case of wine as a freebie.  Great!  I thought for the Christmas Cupboard.

I received the card and then an e mail inviting me to choose my wine. I did this (rose if you’re interested) and received the message – your wine will be delivered within 14 days. It wasn’t so I called the CC Company. I was told it had been delivered & left on the doorstep.

We live on a main road with very little pedestrian traffic. You can not see the door from the road or pavement. It seemed to me that the driver had half inched it as he had no signature and had not left me a card to say where it was left. The person I spoke to agreed and said he would reorder my wine and mark it “signature needed”.

Fast forward 3 week and still no wine. Another phone call only to be told that my postcode was not on their system and they had no record of any calls to my number.

I then resorted to complaining on Facebook and I trawled through my phone to find the exact date that I was called by the company who has never heard of me!

I am now waiting for a call from the supervisor and have been assured that this will be sorted out soon.

My husband just says “Let it go” but I feel that I have done everything that has been asked of me and have been let down. None of this is my fault, I kept my side of the bargain. If anything I should be compensated for 3 long phone calls!

I will let you know the outcome of this – the Company concerned has a high profile Chairman and if necessary I will go to the TOP!

The photograph is nothing to do with this post but I love this  picture (Bridlington Rooftops by David Hockney) and it calms me down!

Update – my moaning worked and my case of wine arrived yesterday. The answer is Paid for, freebie or prize – don’t give up!

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