R.I.P. Victor Hepworth Porter Extrordinaire

Yesterday I read of an elderly man who had died in a Leeds street after an altercation with a 10 years old boy. His name was Victor Hepworth and I knew him well.


He worked as a porter at Hyde Terrace which was the maternity hospital in Leeds. When the Clarendon Wing opened he transferred there as did I. Victor was funny, irritating and could be awkward, when you were working on reception alone he was the porter you wanted on duty.

Every time he passed the reception he would ask if you had any notes needing delivering. He was of the old school – no “That’s not my job” he just got on with it.

He often made us laugh too. His landlady once evicted him after he had invited a couple of street girls in for a cuppa because he felt sorry for them. He rode to work on an expensive mountain bike complete with helmet when no one else wore them. I will never forget his strange gait or the way when he passed my workmate Jean he would say “hygiene”  and cackle with laughter.

This is the second person I have worked with who has been killed Brian Dunning who I worked with at Leeds and Holbeck Building Society was murdered in the 1990’s after a robbery at his home.

May they both rest easy now.


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