Recipe for Pilgrim’s Choice Farmhouse Baconless Egg Pie

Sea View Reviews

Baconless Egg Pie to feed 2-4

Ingredients; I x small pack of frozen pastry mine was 360gms

A few mushrooms

3 x vegetarian sausages

A few Cherry tomatoes

4 x eggs

Pilgrim’s Choice Cheese (Iused the Farmhouse Vintage Cheddar) – I cut 3 slices from the end and them cut these into small bits about 1/4″ ( you could grate the cheese but you would then have to wash the grater!)

salt, pepper, flour for dusting, margarine or butter to grease the dish or baking tray


I don’t have a large enough baking tray so I lined my lasagne dish with foil and lightly greased the foil. I rolled out the pastry to a 12″ square. This just fitted with the edges pulled up to make a dish shape. I cut the sausages into chunks, the mushrooms in half and left the tomatoes whole, these are all scattered into the dish…

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