flushing out a bully 1950’s style

Picture this;  Leeds, 1953,  post war rationing still in force, age 4 years 6 months I was starting Infant School.

bonnetFrom the very first day one of the bigger girls began to nip, push and kick all the littlies. Playtime was a nightmare. This girl always wore an ugly bonnet even worse than the ones in the picture and one day I lost my temper with her and her stupid bonnet.

As she cornered a couple of small boys I went up behind her, stretched up grabbed the bonnet and darted for the outside lavatories. By the time she caught me up the toilet had been flushed (those high wall cisterns gave a heck of a deluge). As she entered the cubicle all the water overflowed onto her feet.

All hell broke loose. It took the caretaker ages to unblock the drain. My mother didn’t speak to me for a week.

It worked though she never came near me or my friends or wore the ugly bonnet again.

For the rest of my time at the school a visit to the lav’s was called “going for a hat!”

I am part of the <a href=”https://twitter.com/search?q=Blog4Sanitation&f=realtime”>#Blog4Sanitation</a> movement setup by <a href=”http://www.splashdirect.com/”>Splashdirect</a> to raise awareness of the importance of global sanitation. <a href=”http://www.splashdirect.com/guide-to-world-toilet-day”>Learn more about World Toilet Day</a>.


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