Review of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Pure Castile Soap

In the Autumn I always try to boost my immune system ready to withstand those winter germs. It must work for I get very few colds.  I worked at Leeds Chest Clinic for 5 years surrounded by coughs and sputum. In that time I only has two colds and both times I was on holiday!chest clinnic

This year I am trying to use natural products as much as possible. When I am out and about I make it a rule not to touch my ears, mouth or eyes. As soon as I get home I wash my hands well especially if I have been using public transport.

Rose soap

I have just started to use Dr Bronner’s  Pure-Castile Soap. They are Fair Trade, use Organic Essential Oils and are lovely to use. They come in various forms but I like a bar of soap for the bath and liquid in a pump for the wash basin. Lovely to use, these soaps have a real feelgood effect. For me that is a big part of keeping healthy. Happy people are often healthy people.

Dr Bronner’s products are available at Chorley Health Food Store from their easy to use web site.

If you are travelling by air, try  a couple of drops of Tea Tree oil on your ear lobes, nose end and round your mouth. We always do this and have never caught anything nasty from the re circulating air. So many people have colds and coughs after a holiday. It is a shame to undo all that relaxation by feeling ill.


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