My secret.

I found this post inspiring, what do you think?

cancer killing recipe

How I can be so cool talking about getting old, cancer, heart attack, pain… and (sometimes) laugh about it all?
You see, when I was younger I didn’t want to think or talk about old age or death. But few years ago I started to read books about death and dying. I just wanted to know, to be prepared what to expect when the time comes. And I’m glad I did. I accepted IT. And now I’m okay with IT.
You see, in my life I cheated Death few times, or rather I outsmarted IT. With the help of Angels, of course. Or I can say – it wasn’t my time to go yet… This how I learned, from my own experience – long time ago – that we are immortal, until our time comes….
So why worry? Let’s just live our lives to the best of our possibilities –…

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