Murder on the Crescent

Murder is always more shocking when you know the place or the people involved.


I was shaken last night when I heard about this shooting on Blue Hill Crescent. I lived on Blue Hill Lane from the age of 6 until I was 20.

 Mum had the shop at 342 Tong Road. It was the nearest shop to Blue hill Crescent and Lane. As few people had cars they would get off the tram (or later bus) , call in the shop before the long walk up the Hill. During the war when you had to register at a shop for your rations Mum knew the name and house number of every customer on the Lane and the Crescent.

Before this happened the only thing newsworthy that happened on here was when Marty Wilde was seen visiting someone in the 1950’s. Also in the 1950’s an Air Hostess killed in a plane crash’s parents lived on the Lane.

To end on a lighter note  we  once watched  a woman flinging her husband clothes out of an upstairs window after a row. He was desperately trying to collect them as the wind whisked them away. When it’s windy in Leeds, Blue Hill Lane takes the full force. I often wondered what he wore the next week!


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