Cannon and Ball at The Spa

On Thursday I had a call from The Bridlington Free Press. I had won tickets for the Cannon and Ball Show at Bridlington Spa Theatre.

Cannon and Ball, Book Humorous Speaker Cannon and Ball

After a lovely meal we drove into town, parked on North Marine Drive and walked to the theatre. It was a lovely cold still night, the sea wall like a millpond. Inside the Spa it was bedlam! A Baton Twirling Competition was in progress with screaming girls and batons everywhere.

We had good seats on row g, lovely people around us except for a young couple in front who were already out of their heads.

We thought it was going to be a variety show but it was just Tommy and Bobby. We had such a good laugh – even though the couple in front thought they were part of the act.

As Tommy said “Shut it we’re a duo, not a four some”

We ended the night with a few drinks, by the fire with our feet up.

Rock On!


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