Twig Christmas Tree more instructions

Ventured out into a cold and damp garden to gather some stems from my red dogwood. I picked the ones overhanging the lawn so pruned the tree as well!

I had 6 stems  in all, 2 quite long, 2 medium and 2 short. The little shoots and branches near the bottom of each stem had to be snipped off. I then arranged the stems in my left hand until it was in the shape I wanted (quite flat so it would sit back against the wall). Using some red ribbon (saved from Valentines chocolates !) I tied the stems firmly together.  It is quite hard to push the stems into the beads – you need to hold the vase in your left hand and use a screwing motion with your right hand- pushing down as well as screwing. This means the stems are really firmly held by the beads.


My next job is to go up into the loft for the baubles. Excited!


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