Christmas Cards written and adressed!

It is a bitterly cold day here so I decided to get a chore over with and write my Christmas cards.

First I sorted them into those needing a large letter stamp and a letter stamp. The large letter ones I have used for people I hand them to. I think 90p for a card is just too much to pay.

They are not stuck down yet as I will put photos and notes inside some of them. What do you think of “Round Robin” letters? I am afraid we call them “Boasting Letters”! I have never had one yet saying that “Craig took his Dad’s car for a spin without asking and smashed it into the garden wall” or “Beth is helping with the Christmas preparations as she is excluded from School – again!)

When my Mum was alive she would “book” me for an afternoon to do the cards. This involved Mum and her sister Marie arriving each with a couple of boxes of cards. Each would have a list of people to send them to, a lot were on both lists and some were on one but not the other.  The lists were torn, crossed out and often unreadable. They would decide on a family member and then each sort through their cards for a suitable design. That chosen I had to read out the verse on each. Usually one was rejected and another sought. Then they tried them for size – would the two cards go in one envelope? If not , back to the pile. They would read out the address , I would write the envelope. Then they would each dictate a message for the inside and I had to write the two cards in different handwriting styles!

About this time I would begin to lose it and reach for the sherry bottle. The procedure took all afternoon and a whole bottle of sherry! My o/h would arrive home just in time to pour the two into the car and drive them home. It was an afternoon I dreaded all year. So why did I wish that they were both here this afternoon?

Cards written and sober – that’s just not Christmas!



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