Life without Central Heating is just a memory – boiler working!!!

This morning the radiators kicked into life as usual at 7am…..

 when we came back from a shopping trip at 1.30pm everywhere seem ominously chilly. A climb into the loft later and I am on the phone for an engineer. The boiler will not light and it’s leaking to boot.

We have had a hot meal and are camped in the back lounge with the door closed and a noisy electric fire on. I have just had an Irish Coffee and feel a bit warmer. Engineer is coming tomorrow afternoon but if we need a part we could still be on the shiver until later in the week. Being at the coast we have a very damp cold so need Central Heating (I have put it with capital letters because I love it so much!)

I have fished out my only pair of pyjamas and 2 hot water bottles for tonight.

In an update my hottie (of course it was mine!) burst! Luckily in the kitchen and D/H let me share his. After a cool night my night in a shiny van arrived and soon had us warm again. A new boiler is on the cards though!


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