Christmas 1952!

Christmas 1952!

This is me age just 3. It was taken at Lewis’s Store in Leeds. Look how skinny the Santa is, rationing was worse post war. Sweets sugar and tea were rationed until 1953 and meat and cheese was rationed until 1954. I still have the family ration books somewhere. Money was short too – we were better off than most. My dad worked hard making steel sinks for Taylor Rustless Fittings. Mum ran our corner shop (without help) although she did have a few old ladies who took me out each afternoon in my pushchair. There was no nursery education then but I started at Infants School at four years four months. I was very upset that there were no beds as my older cousins had told me of “Nap Time” each afternoon. Camp beds and blankets had been provided for them but sadly I had to be content with snoozing through Story time!


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