Motor Bike Scrambing at Post Hill, Leeds

Post Hill was near to my home in Leeds and weekends in the 1950’s/60’s there was often Motor Bike Scrambling on there but the crowds were

never like on this video (click link).

Post Hill has an interesting history ,

Post Hill off, the Pudsey Ring Road, has a rather unique connection to this paper and its sister title, the Yorkshire Post, in that it was money raised by the newspaper company which created what is today, to all intents and purposes, a public park.

If you ask members of the West Leeds Motor Club they will tell you in unequivocal terms that on July 24, 1926, the Yorkshire Post bequeathed the land to the club from which they sprang.

Somehow, during or just after the Second World War, the ownership of the land was altered and the 40-acre site became part of the estate of a quarrying company called Harrisons.

It was transferred to Leeds City Council in the 1990s but members of the club are still official tenants and use the infamous hill regularly for motorcycle trials events.

When the hill was first turned into a scrambling hill climb track in the 1920s, however, crowds of up to 20,000 would line the side of the 1-in-1.5 incline to watch riders launch themselves from the foot of the hill all the way up to the top – the fastest did it in just under 10 seconds.

Retired fireman Dennis Pitts, 64, is president of the West Leeds Motor Club.

“It brought people here from all over the country, the top riders and crowds in their thousands.

“The track was made from pitched stone and it was paid for by the Yorkshire Post, which is how it came to get its name. In fact, nowadays, the whole area has that name.

“There was a ceremony held in 1926 during which the Yorkshire Post and the Lord Mayor of Leeds at the time dedicated the whole area to the pursuit of motorsport.

“The main event was the knockout hill climb but eventually competitors asked if they could start racing on the return track which took them back to the bottom of the hill.”

However, the history of Post Hill does not stop there.

Prior to the 1990s there were talks of trying to build an artificial ski slope on the incline – a friends group was formed in a bid to fight the plans and, indeed, was successful in doing so.

During the war, there are also rumours of a prisoner of war camp located in the vicinity, possibly holding captured Italian soldiers.

Club member Peter Walton, 70, said: “Nowadays a lot of the stone has fallen away and the hill itself, which was pretty clear of vegetation, is overgrown.

“We were the first club in the country to televise motorcycle trials. There is an old film from the 1920s of some of the events on our website – you can see the crowds they attracted and what the riders got up to.”

Today the club has around 100 members and while Post Hill is still their home, the area is also used by other groups.”

There was a second old quarry opposite my home on Blue Hill Lane owned by the Reynolds family. They too used it for scrambles much to my Mum’s horror. The Quarry is the land at the bottom right of this photo and we lived in the row of semis opposite.


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