Christmas 1970 – very Annabels Party!

My first Christmas in my own home!

This looks so dated and yet some things are now collected. The Ercol table and chairs are still lovely (wish I still had them!)  The Portmerion coffee set I had collected week by week. There used to be a pot stall on the outdoor market each Friday. I used to go in my lunch hour and buy the white coffee items and the green dinner ware. They were seconds and a bit iffy but I loved them!
Annabels party
The couple are called Trevor and Carol. Trevor worked at Leeds and Holbeck building Society and Carol at Leeds Permanent Building Society. Again we lost touch when I moved jobs. I last saw Trevor giving an interview on TV! He was the Detective Inspector giving a statement in a murder  enquiry! His Dad was in the Police and Trevor had tried and not enjoyed the Police Cadets so  I was not surprised he had joined up but couldn’t imagine him taking charge!
More Pics from the loft soon!

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