Baby Boomers: The Worst Generation Ever?

I’m a Boomer and proud of it! I began part time work at 14 and even then paid an ins. stamp. We paid in for almost 50 years then we collect. I bought my first home age 20 and I worked 3 jobs to pay for it. Rant over – I would go for that joint but we don’t eat meat any more.

Life in the Boomer Lane


Gene Marks has written a provocative piece yesterday in Philadelphia Magazine, titled “Baby Boomers: Five Reasons They Are Our Worst Generation. ” The subtitle is “Ten thousand are retiring every day. Good riddance.”

Marks, a columnist, author, and small business owner, blames boomers for all of the ills that beset our society. We are right up there with Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and Nero. Life in the Boomer Lane won’t spend her precious social security cash-infused time to pick apart every single thing he says. She will just limit herself to several points, so as to give herself time to plan her next lavish vacation.

Boomers are responsible for the financial crisis we can’t seem to pull ourselves out of.

This is absolutely correct, as boomers have constituted the majority of the population while all this was going on. This is akin to saying that the adult population during…

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