Christmas 1970 – I have the hippy look!

This is me Christmas 1970

christmas 1970

The little record player on the floor was bought from Stubbs Electrical at Whingate Junction, Leeds . It was second hand and cost £2.10s.0d.  We had shopped at Stubbs for ever. The Stubbs family lived on Green Hill Lane, Leeds until Allan moved here to Bridlington. It was an Aladdins cave of a shop full of amazing smells. Bike tyres and frames were hanging everywhere, Mr Stubbs always knew where everything was.

The tv was from Radio Rentals!

I had grown my hair for my wedding and the next summer I had it cut and permed into the Gypsy. At the moment I cannot find a pic of me with this this but I know some were taken at Batley Variety Club. we went to see The Four Tops. It was a brilliant night – Tamla & chicken and chipsin a basket – you can’t beat it!


It was something like this but shorter. I loved it but it was high on messing and went when it had grown out.


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