Loft Photographs – 1971 this time!

This is me on the way to my cousin’s wedding in 1971

Glenyss wedding

Clever of me to match my bag to the door!

It was June but one of those freezing cold June days we get in the North of England. The wedding was my cousin Glenys to Jeff at St Thomas’s Church , Stanningley.

st thomas

We all shivered outside for the photographs, then I noticed lots of the family were missing. They had taken refuge in the pub opposite!

wagon and horses

The Wagon and Horses, Stanningley.

This is Glenys (at the back) with me (basin cut) and our older cousin Lauranne on holiday in Redcar.


This is Glenys and Jeff

Gleniss and jeff

We had a simply lovely day, almost the whole family was there. Auntie Floss died the next spring and after that at each wedding we seemed to be missing another piece of the family.

Glenys and Jeff emigrated to Australia shortly afterwards. The lure of Leeds was too much and they returned a few years later although their eldest son has returned with his family and settled there.

Such happy memories to brighten up this winters day!


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