Colds and Flu Remedies?

December brought not only Santa Claus to our town but also an outbreak of Winter Vomiting Disease

I pride myself on rarely catching anything but this was the Mother and Father of virus. My O/H caught it first and as he began to recover I found myself sprinting to the bathroom Alan Wells style!

Mum and I used to drool when he raced (a pity the sprints were over in seconds!) I know this pic. is not really relevant but is better then one of me sneezing!

The second stage of the virus is a terrible head cold, sore throat and a hacking cough. I am on stage two and I am trying to beat it into submission before stage three.

One of my neighbours is now on stage three. Ear infection and congunctivitis !

I am using  my Essential Oils in Inhalations and last night I rubbed Eucalyptus Oil on the soles of my feet, popped on socks and managed to breathe quite easily and slept well. I have gone through the Hot Toddy stage – we have drunk all the whisky but vodka and hot orange can be recommended.

If any readers have failsafe remedies please let me know. We are eating home made soup every day and if nothing else we should have lost weight!


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