More, More, More: Why We Hoard

In our family we call this “Rationing Mentality” from the Make Do and Mend of WW2. I do hoard but I am trying to sort it. I do one in and one out. I have a plastic carrier bag in the back hall, we add things for the charity shop and take it in every week (took 2 bags today!). At the moment I am sorting bedding and curtains. I have a new blanket due to be delivered tomorrow – so at least one bedding item will be going. Then there is the new summer (remember that?) dress I have coming from Boden so I will have to sort my wardrobe again!

Annamal house.

dualMan, I felt like an idiot. It was the summer after my first year of college, and I was at home, gazing upon all the things that hadn’t made it with me to school: remnants of hours spent shopping and scavenging during high school.  Clothes I was never going to wear, or at least never going to wear again; shelves packed with books I would never read; drawers bursting with makeup I never used; half-finished and never-started art projects languishing in boxes on the floor. Man. I really thought these things were going to work. They were going to make me happy. Popular. Smart. Cool. Better.

Conversations with my sister and friends taught me I wasn’t alone in the pastime of collecting and curating new selves month by month. My sister lamented the hours and money she spent trying to become worthy of a sustainable group of friends through…

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