We have had a very (dare I say it?) dry winter here on the East Coast. I have already cut the lawns and yesterday I dragged the table and chairs out of the shed. after a scrub they look quite presentable. My O/H is an indoor person. His idea of hell is a BBQ or a picnic. “Why have a dining table and eat outside where there are flies and wasps?” is a question he often asks. So yesterday just to wind him up I arranged the terrace ready for outdoor dining. He does not know yet that I have ordered a parasol to finish it off!
As to the rhubarb, mine is not as far forward as Munckton’s but it is getting there. I grew up living on the edge of the Rhubarb Triangle (we pronounced it “Rhubub”) . The fields near my home flooded each winter and then the rhubarb flourished ready to be pulled. Further up the hill were long sheds where it was forced by candlelight. Dad just covered his with a couple of old buckets!


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