Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday?

My earliest memories of Mothers Day was visiting my Grandma with my Dad. I know he took her a card but I can’t remember any gifts. Dad always called it Mothering Sunday (he said Mother’s Day was a money making stunt). Dad was big on history and full of facts so I always knew about it being the fourth Sunday in Lent and servants being given the day off. My Dad was a lot of a Leftie ( so left he wouldn’t pay into the Unions Labour fund) and this was always tempered with a lot of talk of “them and us”.


Mum and Dad’s Wedding 1948

Gran lived in a small back to back terrace house in Thirteenth Avenue, New Wortley, Leeds. It was about five minutes drive from our home. After a greeting and a short chat Dad would excuse himself and go “for a couple” at his old local,  The Beech on Tong Road. Grandma taught me to knit and crochet, she was very patient and very calm.


Me and Grandma 1955

When Dad had slaked his thirst we would drive home for a late lunch (called dinner). Sometimes Grandma would come with us, sometimes she would refuse and then Dad would have to drive her plated meal down to her.

And what’s my  Mum doing at this time? She is cooking a big dinner, doing the books for the shop and I should think being glad of a little bit of peace. The local Methodist Chapel always marched with the brass band past the shop, turned and then marched back, neighbours were constantly rattling the sneck – “Lily, can you sell me a 1/4 of tea, I’ve run out?”


Our shop 342, Tong Road, Leeds

I did spoil Mum in later years, always buying her leather gloves, a silk scarf or something sparkly. She wore these but carefully – I still have lots of them and I wear them too.


My Mum Lily, my husband John and me 1980’s at the Otley Chevin Country Park Hotel

Happy Mother’s Day to you all, Mother’s, Daughters and Sons.


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