Lovely memories of my childhood here. We kept bunnies on the allotments, not for food as most did just post war but to sell on as pets. I loved waiting for their eyes to open and the warm smell of them. I don’t have a photograph of the allotment with the bunnies (we had 3 in all!) but this is Uncle Lewis on the one he grew bedding plants and tomatoes.

Veg box schemes are not a new idea!

Veg box schemes are not a new idea! We had customers who had weekly orders for flowers fruit and veg.

Heirloom Living

After a rough start on the rabbit breeding front, we finally have baby bunnies!  I am so relieved to have them finally here!

The lucky mom is Storm, and the daddy is Bilbo.  This rabbit pregnancy and birth was very different from Ivy’s, but I guess that’s to be expected.  Ivy really didn’t show any outward signs, except getting fatter, and she started pulling fur for her nest a couple of days before delivery.  Storm, however, started pulling fur 2 days after being bred, and got a lot more affectionate during her pregnancy.  Ivy delivered earlier than expected at 28 days, and Storm kept me waiting until 31 days.

I was definitely a lot more vigilant for this birth after the tragic loss of Ivy’s kits.  The temperatures at night were supposed to be near freezing, so starting on day 28 I was getting up 2 or 3 times…

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