Bank Holiday Weekend – Day 2

The best laid plans and all that….

Saturdays we have been watching a programme on BBC2 (Generation War)  . Last night episode was supposed to begin at 9.30pm. Because some (very boring) snooker over ran our serial began at 10.30pm. After seeing to the dog etc. it was well after midnight when we finally got to bed. This morning we struggled awake as we wanted to support the Bridlington Lions Carboot.  Just as we were about to leave the house it began to rain. It was just drizzle but walking on the Sewerby cliff tops in drizzle is no way to spend anyone’s Sunday.

Guess what at 11.00am it cleared up! Still at least it looks as though it will be dry for my neighbours BBQ.

Description BBQ Food.jpg

I have spent a happy hour making some bunting from photographs…all will be revealed in another post!

How to make paper doily bunting.

Enjoy your Sunday.


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