May Day Bank Holiday – Day 3

Bank Holiday Monday dawned sunny and warm, the traffic has been heavy all day into Brid. It should be a bumper day for the businesses in town. My o/h is in Chester le Street in Durham to watch Yorkshire C.C.C. so I decided to tackle the front garden. It is very neglected as I always prefer working on the back where it is more private. This is the before ;


The raised bed under the front window is not too bad as it is so full of bluebells, peonies and marigolds there is no room for weeds!


Before I have even started I have a chat with my neighbour who does home boarding for dogs. One of her borders (a lovely grey whippet girl) has wrecked her lounge. She weed, pooed, pulled the covers off the settee making them filthy and then she pulled down a curtain rail and chewed the curtain. Definitely no profit there!

I eventually mowed the grass, went inside for a cuppa and then dug out all the dandelions and nettles.


The “snow” on the lawn is blossom  falling from the trees in the side garden. It is actually in deep drifts all round the side and back but I have had enough for today. Even if I sweep it up it will be just as bad in the morning. The trees are lovely though :


I have had a long soak in the bath and I am ready to enjoy the rest of my Bank Holiday.


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