May Day Bank Holiday – Day 4

I realise most people have gone back to work today but when you are retired you can pick your own holidays.

O/H is at the cricket again so I have been messing about in the garden in the sun. It is very warm here again – so warm my washing was covered in thunder flies. I am widening the flower beds in the front garden as they were so narrow and mean they were not wide enough for the large drifts of colour I like best. After about half an hour of digging I decided to call it a day and take a few photographs of some of the flowers out at the moment.


I have forgotten what this is called but I remember it was one of three perennials I won from the local paper, the Bridlington Free Press.A lovely guy called Paul used to write a gardening column in the paper (much missed by me!).  Paul delivered the plants to me straight from his parents garden at Filey. They were all lovely and healthy and have done well – despite all my slugs and snails!


This winter has been so mild here this plant has flowered non stop, it is so pretty with its variegated leaves.


Chives – I love these and add them to lots of dishes and they thrive without any care.


My doggy smelling the bluebells this morning (though I think it was more likely the wild garlic as I could smell it when I was out there)


Two different peonies – these always remind me of the flower markets in the South of France. The French seem to go for big and bold when they buy flowers.


Last is my ugly tree and some grape Hyacinths  to remind me it is still Spring!


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