I’m free!

This lady has just quit a stressful job and feels sicker. Have you noticed that our bodies often keep going then fail when we relax? Maybe we should push ourselves more! Hope you feel better soon Anna.

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So here I Am – free at last and very sick.
4 days ago I left my job and moved to my friends house.
And I’m very happy!!!
But I’m very tired and overwhelmed by pain. My gout is getting worse. My all body aches. But the most pain is in my legs and arms. On the Pain Scale from one to ten – I’m on eleven… 🙂 .
I’m trying to rest and organize my stuff. But I’m very slow. Every move hurts.
You know, I’m feeling so lousy now, that I’m not able to work anyway. I’m glad that I quit this job!
Is going to take me some time to recover. But with some deep breathing and determination I shall be better soon. I have to!!!
I have to change my diet again and find some new remedies. So I have to do some research again.

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